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Door and window frames play an important role for the security of the people, separating us from the outside, while protecting us from the cold and unwanted visitors. It is for these and many other reasons that we deem appropriate to rely on industry experts, who are qualified to study and design - together with their customers - the most suitable solution for each individual living environment, and that without neglecting all-important aesthetical and design aspects.


This is the principle that inspires Masterporte, the Turin-based company specialising in indoors and outdoors windows and doors , which exclusively focuses on prestigious brands of the highest quality. Our personnel, permanently abreast of the latest trends in design and technology, is committed to the full satisfaction of all customers, no matter how complex or particular their requirements. This is especially true for installation work, which is invariably performed by professionally qualified staff.

For more than 30 years, Masterporte has been involved in consulting and the design of windows, carried out by our experienced and professional staff. We guarantee constant assistance to our customers after the installation of doors and windows and the delivery times as agreed with customers while managing all tax concerns.


We carry out our work with the belief that the choice of frame defines the added value of a building, characterizing the overall image. With vast experience in the field, Masterporte produces bespoke products which are easily adaptable to every need. We work with only the best brands, such as SCIUKER, ICIF, ISI and OKEY.


Our wide range of frames, in different combinations of materials, surfaces, colours and accessories, allows us to satisfy every kind of request mixing functionality, aesthetics, safety and design. Whether it's a new building, a house to renovate or simply to replace a single window, we have the perfect solution.


lumina shutters

The materials used are the most common and safe: PVC, PVC, aluminum, wood pvc, wood pvc aluminum, aluminum


Wood-aluminum frame

Wood-aluminum window frame with coupling to 90° in the corners.

Exterior sliding AST doors - ISI

Lift-slide system

Lift-slide system with movement translating as a falling flap; realizable with one or more wings and lateral fixed parts.


Window made and arched in plan

Window made and arched as per plan, consists of fixed elements with a tilt door opening at the top. Wood-aluminum frame, stained mahogany oak wood finish.

Wooden window GOLD - ICIF

Painted wooden window

This wooden window is painted with high quality resins, and dispersed in water with durability treatment cycle.

Applied embedded corner hinges, suitable for rustic ambiance and historical flavour while not giving up the correct thermal insulation guaranteed by a good frame.

Door window LEAN 92 Alextra - ICIF


Wooden French window with aluminum frame.


It provides a Venetian swivel or opaque curtain located outside of the insulating glass and protected by an additional glass supported by lightweight aluminum: further the room air between the glass windows significantly improves the overall insulation.

Quality fixtures in wood

As for the wood, it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, the beautiful aesthetics depend on the type of wood used and can greatly influence the price. They can be painted with different techniques, are very durable and valuable. However this kind of fixture needs more care and maintenance.

PVC shutters

Pvc is the most common material, it provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and is weather resistant.

The extremely low thermal conductivity ensures total isolation from frost, snow, water and wind. It is also a barrier to the attacks of salt (for seaside places) and weathering. Compared to the other two materials it does not need any maintenance, is cost-effective and easy to clean.

But be careful! Since the PVC market is increasingly expanding you should choose products of established brands, possibly "made in Italy", and manufactured by companies that make a finished product and do not just assemble products, products which are certified and whose performance matches the declared standards.


Two windows and French doors with dark interiors

Window and doors

CLASSIC Fixtures - ISI

PVC thick frame of 70mm, two-groove seal system to achieve excellent sound insulation, double glazed low emissivity

PVC frame with a thickness of the frame

Aluminium, wood and aluminium frame

Aluminium frames are light, strong and resistant to weathering, and are widely used for making the shutters. As a material suitable for treatments such as painting and anodizing, it uses all the colours of the RAL scale and the different wood effect finishes. Aluminium is a natural conductor and this does not permit perforating enabling this type of fixture to provide thermal and acoustic isolation. To overcome this drawback, they are produced by thermal cutting.


French doors in wood aluminum

Wood-aluminum doors coated with lacquer and interior shutters.


Wooden frame with 68mm thickness and external aluminum coating with coplanar aesthetics extending the possibility of inclusion of the glass with a maximum thickness of 39mm to 54mm


triple-glazed low-emissivity

PVC frames with a thickness of 82mm, the system of three seals in order to obtain tightness, triple low-emissivity glass and Argon gas


Stained glass window with fixed panel

Window with a fixed panel for lifting and sliding. Wood-aluminum window made of laminated oak wood

Window E-NORM - ICIF

wooden window frame

Window characterized by overlapping of the structural frame on the facade, a frame of 32mm thick mahogany or oak hardwood. Being a wood-frame, wood finish allows you to create differentiate between interiros and exteriors

Frangisole Sunscreen- ICIF

Sunscreen system

Sunscreen system with a sliding faade with differentiated shading; suitable for windows and for the protection of open spaces; different types available

In addition, many combinations of materials that meet all customer requirements.

For safe, durable and long lasting fixtures. Masterporte is the right partner to trust, in case of purchase or replacement of fixtures.

Below you will find other examples of windows in the wide product range presented by the company.


For more information on the characteristics of the fixtures, for a free quote or for each question, click on the link below to get in touch with the Masterporte staff.


Covered in solid wood and plywood.

Security door


The purchase of new windows is an important choice and holds great value that we need to support a few times in life and are essential for a home.

The choice is very delicate because we often get lured by products promising amazing performance, but in reality.. these are not what we are sold. To all those who are considering the possibility of replacing or buying the fixtures, the advice is to evaluate the type of material used.


The materials are, as shown above: wood, aluminum and pvc.


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